Jade shows support for Ultimo

Sugababe Jade Ewen has signed up as the new face (or should that be body?) of Miss Ultimo's spring/summer collection.

Pictured wearing the brand's 'trend proof' lingerie, Jade shows off her stunning figure which, she says, has been helped no end by wearing a correctly-fitted Ultimo bra, Metro reports: 'It wasn't until after I was appointed as ambassador of Miss Ultimo did I think I'd better get measured, and sure enough I had been wearing the wrong size' explained Jade. 'Wearing the right size really improves your silhouette and gives you the right support.'

Michelle Mone, creator of Ultimo, seems very happy with the decision to cast Jade as the brand's new ambassador. She says: '[Jade's] exactly what Miss Ultimo is all about in terms of her style, spirit and energy. We're really excited to have her on board.'.

Jade certainly seems to be doing a good job, not only does she look great in the photos, she's already convinced us we need to invest in some Ultimo, describing the collection as 'stylish, simple and wearable, as well as being wonderfully comfortable and luxuriously soft against your skin.' We're sold!

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