Jacket trend in women's wear for Autumn Winter 2014 2015

In this short fashion guide we take a look a some of the hottest trends for fashionable, cold-proof women's jackets for Autumn-Winter 2014 2015.

    Philipp Plein @Getty images

The main trends for the 2014-15 cold season focus on emphasizing the silhouette, and truth to this tendency we have seen a lot of bulky jackets with set, padded shoulders with wide sleeve cut – if not extravagantly massive- in the runaway shows.

Fur inserts and trimming, whether in natural or artificial fur, add even more extravagance to this style, which is gaining momentum by the day. Also important is how these inserts contrast the basic fabric of the jacket, normally a quite intricate texture: the optical effect is thus doubled up.

Other detailing decor elements may also be in lace trimming or leather, along the seems of the sleeves and in the front of the jacket, as well as complex, oversized collars and lapels.

And the eclectic taste for combinations of different materials, textures and patterns emerges also on other styles of outwear, a trend that seems to become more and more popular. Similarly, the patchwork style appears to dominate the fur jacket scene, as well as the sheep skin one: it seems like a new generation of fur outwear, be the fur natural or artificial, is grabbing the stage with its grunge, eccentric take on the archetype of the warm winter jacket.

Again, in line with the silhouette-enhancing trend, the bolero jackets makes a big come back on the scene for the AW 2014-15: these elegant short jackets have appeared beautifully on most of the main catwalks, and are set to be a must have for those special events that require the extra feminine touch.

For what concerns colour, blackof course dominates the season as usual, although as we have seen it will possibly vary in intensity and texture in a single garment. Also, you will see lots of black successfully matched with bright and neon colours. Other trendy colours for jackets for autumn winter 2014 2015 are intense green and blue, all shades of red and deep purple.

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