It's shear-ling heaven, darling!

Burberry's front row at London Fashion Week sent the paps into a frenzy, with an Olsen twin, Kate Hudson and Kristen Stewart (now officially confirmed as R-Patz's consort) in the fashion hot seats. However, in a rare phenomenon, the clothes on the runway have caused a commotion equal to that around the celebs with those in the know raving over the leather bomber jackets, fur, military pea coats and shearling collars.

Fashionista describes the collection thusly, 'The army green coat with ivory shearling spilling out the sides and sleeves–with brown leather straps and gold buckles going every which way–was brilliant. I’ll wear thigh high anything, but especially python boots with dainty gold buckles, and if those don’t go into production the shearling buckled booties will work.'

If we had to encapsulate the look in five words, we would say it's 'land girls meet Captain Biggles'. Christopher Bailey can have that for free. It's okay, Chris, you don't need to thank us, just chuck a few coats our way...

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