It's a Star Wars fashion moment!

In a true fashion meets Star Wars moment, Helena Christensen, the master of modelling (the yoda, if you will) has photographed Daisy Lowe (the Luke Skywalker, obv) for Helena's new range of clothes. We like to imagine HC dispensing 'Do or do not. There is no try', style pearls of wisdom as she snaps away.

Helena explains her 'craft': 'I was a photographer before I started modelling - so the transition was really the other way around, I am fascinated by photography, the effect images have on me. Working on both sides of the camera has been some sort of educational experience for me. I am a rather quick photographer. It's about not losing the vibe, the moment. As the subject I feel I can keep that going in an interesting, intimate way for a little while, and then it becomes somehow forced.'

In other words - she doesn't faff around and likes taking fast pics. Just like us! Can we have a million dollar contract please?

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