It's a rich man's world (again)

It seems Louis Vuitton is not the only luxury fashion house to be benefiting from the sudden rise in consumer spending. British brand Mulberry has reported a 79 per cent increase in sales , party due to its 'Alexa' bag (so named after fashion face of the moment, Alexa Chung). Despite the bag's hefty £700 price tag it seems consumers can't get enough and Mulberry's Somerset factory is having to work overtime to keep up with demand, writes the Daily Mail.

With Harrods and Burberry also reporting a rise in sales it seems thoughts of the recession have been well and truly forgotten by UK consumers. The trend doesn't stop here either, Paris Fashion Week was all about luxury, opulence and statement glamour. Marc Jacobs staged a spectacular show for Louis Vuitton featuring stuffed tigers on the catwalk whilst Karl Lagerfeld's very OTT show in the Grand Palais has become the stuff of legend for its giant water fountains and huge Versailles-style garden catwalk.

How long this trend will last is anyone's guess but as the old saying goes - if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Champagne bath, anyone?

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