Italian town bans miniskirts

Who knows what the ladies of Italian town Castellammare di Stabilia have been getting up to, but their behaviour has clearly upset the local mayor to such an extent that he has banned the wearing of mini skirts, complaining of falling levels of decency.

Vogue reports that the town’s mayor, Luigi Bobbio won a vote banning women from wearing skirts that don’t fully cover their underwear and display too much cleavage. Any offenders will have to pay a £265 fine, with police officers trained to spot inappropriately cut clothing. It really gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘fashion police’.

The new law will make it difficult for citizens of Castellammare di Stabilia to stay on trend next season, with mini skirts being a big (or short) feature of the Milan shows for Spring/Summer 2011. But it’s not only the ladies who are losing out - other measures introduced by the mayor include the banning of climbing trees and sleeping on benches. Ummm…time to move?

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