Is this the end of the £2 T-shirt?

Floods in Pakistan and China and the planned VAT increase are threatening our right to cheap throwaway fashion, Primark has claimed. An article in The Daily Mail today says that the firm is shaking in its bargain-boots as the price of cotton has escalated by 800 per cent, due to the floods which devastated over 4.25million acres of land.

Primark is not the only company worried about the increase in fabric costs. H&M and Levi Strauss have also reportedly warned that consumers will be hit when these prices reach the high street next year. According to the article, a £7.99 T-shirt would go up by £1, while a £50 pair of jeans could rise by £5.

Of course, there are some who would argue that £4 for a pair of jeans is just a bit silly, and maybe we’ve had it too good for too long. Could we really be saying goodbye to chuckable clothing? Or does this just herald the dawn to a whole new era of synthetic fibred gorgeousness? Shell-suit, anyone?

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