Is Erdem the chosen one?

London-based designer Erdem Moralioglu has been tipped as a likely new candidate to team up with highstreet brand H&M, a fact sure to delight fans who love his floral print designs but not the price. It seems Erdem is not so keen just yet, telling Fashionista.com: 'It's come up so many times, but I'm just too focused on my own collection at this point. It takes up all my time! But in the future, down the line - who knows?.

Erdem has fast become a major player in the international fashion scene, dressing everyone from Lea Michele and Sarah Jessica Parker to Michelle Obama and Samantha Cameron. It is no surprise, then, that his name has been thrown into the hat as a possible contender for the gig of the year - Kate Middleton's wedding dress designer.

Employing that classic 'politely sitting on the fence' interview response, beloved of so many celebs when they're asked awkward, potentially controversial questions, Erdem merely says: 'I mean, any mention like that is just a huge compliment. It’s so flattering! I will say that Kate is very beautiful…'

Very diplomatic, Mr Moralioglu. We've got our eye on you...

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