IOW Festival - A Sartorial Assessment

We feel like we're getting festival fashion fatigue, and it's not just because we haven't been to a single blooming one this year... No, it's more that the sartorial choices made by our celebs are just so uninspiring. Of course, there's vintage galore, enough for us to suspect that the poor goons who work for Alexa Chung, Paloma Faith or Florence, were sent to Brick Lane to buy up every last 'quirky' sequined number or second-hand 20s bias cut satin dress.

If we tell you that Alexa wore a Barbour jacket and riding boots, Paloma wore a catsuit and Florence wore John Lennon glasses, it gives a general flavour of the lack of orginality.

Come on ladies, you're supposed to give us a sartorial feast to inspire and emulate, not tired pieces we already have in our wardrobe. Back to fashion school for the lot of you...

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