Intimissimi 2013 Fall lingerie collections: In the Woods and Facets of Venice

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Intimissimi is one of the several brands that make up the more well known Calzedonia Group and for this Fall 2013 the Italian lingerie label has turned out two very romantic and highly sensual collections.

The new and stunning Fall collection, which has been aptly called In the Woods because it uses the fascinating Italian woodlands as a setting for the ad campaign, while the other collection is dubbed The Facets of Venice has the magical and romantic city of Venice heavily featured .

Both campaigns are fronted by Intimissimi’s new model Tamara Lazic, who was photographed by Raphael Mazzucco, while the upcoming Spring Summer 2014 ad campaign will see Alyssa Millerpromoting the brand.

In the Woods has color classic palette like black and white, or bright colors like fiery red; while the Facets of Venice plays heavily on the sexy side of blacks, blues and wine shades and it also features a number of transparencies in a mix of sensuality and elegance.

This season’s collections as Intimissimi puts it, ‘is full of shapes and different harmonies, so that the body of every woman can feel at ease with the right lingerie’.

The Facets of Venice collection contains the Eva push-up front opening bra, with an underwired heavily-padded super-graduated cup, in tulle net and crossed back featuring a Twenties-style bead appliqué and the Bellissima push-up embroidery and jet Bra that is underwired and is lightly padded in tulle net and this too is decorated with a Twenties-style bead appliqué while the elastic back has a small rhinestone buckle.

If slips are your thing, you’ll find a one silk slip with thin double straps and a v-neck which is embellished with lace and fringe detail, while there’s shorter style with thin shoulder straps crossing at the back and a deep neckline that is decorated with a Twenties-style bead appliqué and tassel.

Beside G-strings and Brazilian cut panties the collection also offers tops and cotton cardigans, but the items contained in this Fall’s collections are just to many to name, so we suggest you to pop over to their website to personally see all the marvelous lingerie they have to offer.

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