Indiana Jones fancy dress makes the party

There is no doubt about it, Harrison Ford drew the attention of both men and women from around the world when he began staring in the Indian Jones movies. Young, handsome and devilishly cleaver he got into trouble repeatedly, but always came out the hero. Everyone loves the Indiana Jones hero and cannot wait for the party to use their Indiana Jones fancy dress. Dress the part and get ready for an exciting evening.


The Escapade website provides the complete Indiana Jones Costume retailing for £29.99. As far as costume rental prices go this is a very good deal for everything you need to look like the real deal. The fancy dress includes a faux leather jacket distressed in Indy style. The jacket comes with an Indiana Jones logo on the breast pocket and has front zip fastening. You also get a pair of beige trousers made with an elastic waistband to provide a trim fit.

Of course no Indiana Jones outfit would be complete without the famous fedora leather hat (imitation leather), which is included in the price. With the complements of Escapade, you also receive the famous whip to complete your fancy dress costume. View the complete costume at http://www.escapade.co.uk/Hollywood-and-TV-costumes-sale/Indiana-Jones-Costume-STD.asp.

Angels Fancy Dress

Angels Fancy Dress has their Deluxe Indiana Jones costume ready for shipping. This package deal includes the whip, trousers, hat and jacket for £50.99. Costumes can be viewed at www.fancydress.com.

To complete your Indiana Jones fancy dress, you might want to let your hair grow out just a bit and skip shaving for a couple of days for that manly look before the fancy dress party. Enter the party like you own the place and wink at the ladies for a great time.

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