In Dublin and looking for a new handbag?

A bag for every outfit and occasion is a must: all women know this. Whether it's a clutch, purse, shoulder or under the arm bag, up to the minute fashion or a timeless classic piece, the handbag is a quintessential part of any outfit.

As you may expect, Dublin is home to many of the big stores such as Debenhams and TK Maxx where you can pick up handbags for a song, but did you know that there are fine Irish designers of the humble bag who also have outlets in this vibrant city?

Handbag Heaven is a small family run business based in Dublin. They are proud to say that they have bags for every occasion, and to suit every budget. Whether it is as a gift or a treat for yourself, you are bound to find something in this joint. The family pride themselves on their service and selection, and if something is out of stock will endeavour to find it for you. This shop is well worth a visit and if you can't make it there, visit the website.

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