I need a stylish, inexpensive dress for a wedding

You've just been invited to a wedding and you haven't a thing in your wardrobe to wear to the grand event. You find yourself saying, "I need a stylish, inexpensive dress for a wedding!" What colour? What length? Where to find it? Worry not, we're here to help you find the perfect frock for even the most ritzy weddings.

Is the wedding you must attend semi-formal? H&M has dresses you can wear for just about any occasion, including a wedding. How about a hot pink, flared dress with a bead-encrusted neckline? It's quite inexpensive, but a lovely and versatile number with just enough class and sass for you to go from wedding to night clubbing without a hitch. At £29.99, it won't empty your pocket book, either.

Is the affair you're attending quite formal? If you can't afford the £500 you'd pay for a dress from Harrod's, look around at your local thrift and vintage shops for deals. Time Out London has a list of some of the best shops of this nature in London, including the international thrift retailer, Salvation Army. In 2008, a reporter with Time Out found a pair of Chanel black suede heels for £45. Quite a deal, and if you're patient and love the thrill of the hunt, you can come up the perfect dress to wear to a wedding.

Oxfam, the second hand retailer with a purpose, has loads of wedding-themed attire and evening dresses you can wear to weddings, whether you're attending a casual affair or a formal candlelight event. Each store lists its goods, with the store's location. The nice thing about this is that you can browse the store's inventory without having to physically go. You can also purchase the dress online for added convenience. Find the special occasion dress you need here: oxfam.org.uk.

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