'I believe in the power of the goddess...'

Let's be honest, Daisy Lowe is an absolutely cracking looking lass with a figure to weep and dribble over. But she doesn't half spout some dippy verbiage. Launching the Swarovski 'crystallised' erm crystals, which she designed herself, she explained her inspirations to Grazia - in classically vague model mode: ‘I really like being creative… I paint all the time… I’m learning how to use a sewing machine, altering dresses….I make music…and I write… And modelling; you act in front of a camera.’

Right, now on to the crystals...

'I believe in the power of the goddess and the female form...we are all a five-pointed star when we stretch out – four limbs and our head. (The moon) is such a feminine symbol – we’re connected to the moon in our cycles… And a full moon is party time - when you’re crazy. I’m into the magic of things…’

There's been an aching void in our lives ever since Mystic Meg went a bit quiet, so we're relieved that there's now a worthy replacement.

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