10 fun facts about the iconic Hunter Wellies boots

Originally known as the North British Rubber Company, Hunter Boot Ltd. has manufactured vulcanised rubber products for more than 150 years, including bags, rubber flooring and converyor belts. However, the company’s most distinguished product is, arguably, the Wellington rubber boot, also known as Hunter Wellies. Here are some fun facts about the iconic Hunter Wellies boots designed by the legendary rubber company based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Facts about Hunter Wellies boots

1. The largest Hunter Wellies boots ever made was a size 18, which was commissioned by a Derbyshire vet.

2. It would take all of a gallon of custard to fill a size 10 Hunter Wellies.

3. Rubber – used to manufacture designer Hunters – was more valuable than silver well into the 20th Century.

4. A pig owned by a Cumbrian farmer ate her Hunters and did not even suffer indigestion.

5. Hunter Boot Ltd. designed the Hubble Boot in the early 90’s, a boot specifically made for cows!

6. The Scotch Malt Whiskey Society fondly describes its whiskey as the "colour of golden syrup with the scent of the inside of a Wellies boot.”

7. The Wellington designer boot has lent its name to the 'welly boot dance,' a popular dance performed by miners in Africa to cheer them up at work.

8. Cambridge and Oxford boat crews all wear Hunter wellies before and after the race: Cambridge green Hunters; Oxford blue Hunters.

9. Some people love their wellies so much that they have formed a “Welly Naming Ceremony” where they give each welly pair a name!

10. In late 2008 after the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China, Hunter Boot Ltd. made special, gold Wellington boots that it sent to every member of the Great Britain Olympic team who won a gold medal at the games.

Parting shot

Hunter Wellington boots have helped people battle cold, wet and just general miserable weather for years. In the UK, the iconic Hunter Wellies are an indispensable fashion footwear available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and styles. Why not keep your feet warm and comfortable through ice, rain and even blizzards this winter with a welly winter boot, such as the must have Hunter Original Welly in Navy?

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