Hunt for designer ski wear

New designer ski wear is hitting the shelves, and it’s a great time to buy! You can browse the Internet to find the latest looks and styles. We will help you find the latest in designer ski wear at the best prices. Don’t let these deals pass you by.

The Newest Looks

Find the newest looks online and you’ll never have to set foot inside a store. Scouring the Internet can also help you get an idea of what you want before you go out shopping. Some of the sites that are currently carrying ski wear online are:

  • winternational.co.uk
  • shopstyle.co.uk
  • trekwear.co.uk
  • 020.co.uk

The Best Prices

Winternational.co.uk has great prices on ski jackets. You can find designer ski jackets at this site for as low as £389.00. Its original price was £664.00; now, that’s what you call a bargain. Shopstyle.co.uk has a really nice ‘Vero Moda Retro Ski Hooded Quilted Jacket’ for only £35 and stylish ‘Amy Crepe Sole Heel’ lace-up ski boots for the same price. Another great buy is a beautiful Adidas by Stella McCartney Ski padded jacket for only £450. Trekwear.co.uk is currently having a massive clearance sale on ski wear, up to 50% off. Here you can find men’s ski wear packages for as low as £39.95, women’s as low as £39.95, and children’s for as low as £29.95. On 020.co.uk, for the most part, you can find great prices on children’s ski wear.


Shopping for accessories is always fun and easy. The same sites listed have accessories available too. Trekwear.co.uk probably has the biggest selection. From helmets to sunglass, to gloves and hats, and most of them are on sale too! Designer ski wear is available at close-out prices when you shop now.

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