Hugo Boss shoes in the UK - all you need to know

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Hugo Boss design some high quality and fashionable shoes. Read on for all you need to know on Hugo Boss shoes in the UK.

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss is a German fashion designing company that specialises in high quality means and women’s clothing and footwear. The company has over 1,000 stores and shops world wide. There are two main brands - BOSS and HUGO. BOSS Black has a broad product range and the line is supplemented with shoes and accessories. BOSS Selection and BOSS Orange also provide shoes. HUGO products are more alternative and are innovatively designed.

Hugo Boss shoes

Hugo Boss has a wide range of shoe styles for both men and women. Shoe styles for men include brogues, loafers and trainers. The main materials used include leather, suede and calfskin. Prices range from around £50 to over £300 for top end shoes. For women there are a variety of heeled shoes, strapped sandals and boots. These shoes can range from £200 to over £500 for knee high leather boots.

Where to get them

Hugo Boss has over 100 stores throughout the UK including 20 in London. Their flagship store is located on Bond Street. Their website www.hugoboss.com has an excellent store locator that allows you to find the store closest to you. This website also has an online store that allows you to view the entire Hugo Boss catalogue of shoes and make purchases. There is currently a sale on selected items and there are some good deals to be had.

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