How to wear....leggings

Leggings are a fashion godsend. Comfortable, trendy and cheap, they need never go out of style - if we all stick to these simple legging rules that is...

Check out these leggings photos for inspiration

1. Unless you are Olivia Newton John in her twenties, or Jordan on the razz, don't try wearing leggings with heels and a top that shows your bum. Not only are you risking the wrath of the camel's hoof, you'll only end up looking like Olivia Newton John in her twenties - only not quite as good. There is no heel high enough to pull it off.

2. DO drape a floaty kaftan, or breezy bum covering blouse over your leggings, accessorized with low slung belt for instantly svelte ballerina pins; and do team with cutesy flats like ballet pumps or gladiator sandals. Steer clear of any form of shoe chunkiness, a la Lily Allen and trainers on her rise to fame - for so many reasons.

3. Do, cut the feet off an old pair of thick tights for instant legging action that doesn't involve queuing in Primarni for a very long time. The M&S super thick opaque range work a treat.

4. Do consider colours other than black. Sarah Jessica Parker rocked some seriously lush camel three quarter leggings recently. Imagine how delicious soft brown leggings with gold ballets and a matching Gold Fendi Peek-A-Boo would look. Or thick, loose grey leggings with a slouchy cardy in either matching grey or cream. Whatever you do don't be tempted to stray into Eighties flourescent territory unless you are Beth Ditto, (or Lindsay Lohan trying to flog a leggings range.)

5. Do invest in a pair of high waisted denim leggings. Not as dangerous with regards hoofage or attack of the big bum and they're also great for winter with a sloppy jumper, cardigan and pixies.

6. Don't try latex or liquid leggings unless you are veeery sure of your own fabulousness - or you are Rihanna.

7. However tempting it might be to wear leggings with Uggs - don't. For no other reason than it's not very imaginative.

8. Dresses with leggings is a good look but why not save it for winter for maximum fashion wow. Summer legging + dress action will only get you hot.

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