Handy tips on how to wear bold burglar stripes

The 2013 Spring/summer runways brought with them a trend that has caught on with many fashion conscious people around the world. Thick, vertical or horizontal stripes, also known as burglar stripes, offer a stylish, modern look for spring and summer. You don’t have to be a burglar, though, to rock the stripes. There are some handy tips on how to wear burglar stripes and make a bold fashion statement.

Rock burglar stripes

Many fashion enthusiasts couldn’t wait for the black and white burglar stripes to hit the stores. However, now that the stripes are finally in the stores people have discovered the bold stripes are trickier to wear than most had originally anticipated.

Luckily, street fashion maven Taylo Tomasi Hill has some handy tips on how to wear burglar stripes to bring out the best that the trend has to offer.

According to Tomasi, burglar stripes beg for attention and should not be worn from head to toe. Tomasi advises you to start with a pair of thick burglar stripe pants first.

1. Start with burglar stripe pants

Invest in a pair of thick burglar stripe pants that are tailored to your body. Tailored pants will ensure you get the most flattering fit whether you choose to wear a pair of stripped skinny pants, flare or bootcut.

2. Add a dark-hued, monochromatic top

Next, Tomasi recommends you add a dark-hued, monochromatic top. A dark-hued, monochromatic top ensures you don’t look too stark in your striped pants.

Black, grey and navy are good colour choices for your top. You are free to choose the fit and fabric you want with your monochromatic top.

3. Complete with high heels

Finally, complete the trendy burglar stripes look with high, high heels. Burglar stripes are made for high heels.

If you are wearing pants that have a dramatic flare, rock a bohemian vibe with a pair of wedge sandals. If your pants have anything but a dramatic flare, wear basic nude or black pumps.

There you have it, handy tips on how to wear burglar stripes - one of the most exciting fashion trends in 2013. Please, feel free to share more handy tips on how to rock the stripes in the comments!

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