How to wear a scarf

The scarf is one fashion accessory that can change the look of your outfit in an instant. There are many ways to don the scarf and you can even make your own styles to suit your taste.

Different ways to don a scarf

Here are several ways you can wear a scarf and look gorgeous.

1. Fold the scarf into half and drape it over your neck. Take both ends of the scarf and slip it through the loop.

2. As a variation, you can also just put one end of the scarf through the loop. Twist it. Pull the other end through the loop and presto, you have a stylish design.

3. Of course, you can also opt for the simple knot. This style is so classic. Drape the scarf over your neck. Take one end and pull it through the loop.

4. If you have a bandana scarf, just wear it as is and tie it behind your neck. It will look great with a t-shirt.

5. You can also wear your scarf, tied on the side of your neck or with multiple knots in front.

6. If you are not the type to spend loads of time on your scarf, simply drape it around your neck and let it hang loosely on both sides.

7. Want to spice up messy hair? Use a scarf to tie your bun for a look that will draw attention.

8. Wear a long scarf with style. Wrap it around your neck. Loop it around twice and then take both ends and tie it neatly using a knot.

Changing your looks

A scarf is definitely an indispensable accessory that you should not forego for it spices up a look. You will be amazed at the way it can dramatically alter your appearance. Learn several ways to wear a scarf. If you are not a scarf person, now is the time to start thinking of using one.

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