How to wear a denim shirt

One garment that can’t be missing from your wardrobe has to be the basic denim shirt.

Jean shirts have been around since the '90s and like jeans, are an essential and versatile garment that can be worn and matched to create different types of looks.

Denim shirts are available in all sorts of styles – long sleeved or short sleeved, loose or fitted, and they come in a multitude of shades of blue, and matched in the right manner, the shirt can take you from simple casual wear to a slightly more daring fashion statement.

Denim shirts are also great solution when you need to layer, as the cooler weather comes around.

Once you’ve found the denim shirt that’s right for you why not try copying some of the looks that stars and models wear and who never disdain wearing a jeans shirt, including wearing it with their favorite jeans.

Despite the belief that denim on denim is considered a fashion faux pas, you can wear denim together by simply adding a light blue jean t-shirt over skinny dark blue jeans or viceversa, just use denim with different types of washes.

You can wear an open denim shirt over a t-shirt or tank top or even a lacey camisole, or knot it at your waist or under your breasts over pair of white jeans or a pair of shorts.

For a super casual and comfortable look, you can add a denim shirt over dark leggings with a pair of bike boots and some interesting accessories.

Even tight dresses can be played down and given a more relaxed look with a denim shirt, and you try pairing your jean shirt with a mini skirt or a long gypsy style one and you can wear the shirt either tucked into the skirt or loose.

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