How to wear a biker jacket

Biker jackets may come in many shapes, designs and colours. One thing is sure, it is a stylish staple of clothing that should be found in any woman's closet. The best thing is there are many fashionable ways to wear a biker jacket. Let us scrutinise some of these ways.

Elegant ways to don on a biker jacket

Don't worry, anyone can look good in a leather jacket whether you are tall, short, plump or slim. The secret is the way you are able to pull together a look that is harmonious and of course, eye-catching. Here are several ways to do it.

  • Wear it with a sheer dress
  • Your frock will look even more dazzling when you don a biker jacket over it. Whether it is a below or above knee and even long dress, the jacket will give a chic vibe to your outfit.

  • Put on sleek boots
  • Pair a skirt, dress or denim trousers with boots that will go extremely well with your biker jacket. A short skirt with tall boots will definitely look sexy and alluring. Whether you are going for a formal or informal appearance, shoes will play a big role in the effect of your clothes.

  • Step into high heels
  • For a sharp and sassy look, get into a pair of high wedges, stilettos and heels that will exude a different vibe to your appearance. Wear blouse and trousers, onesies, cocktail or shift dress with a biker jacket for a look that is sure to dazzle.

  • Add a scarf
  • A scarf always adds elegance to any outfit including a biker jacket. Use one to protect your neck from the cold and for a sophisticated look.

    Other ways

    Headwear can also contribute significantly to the way you look with your biker jacket. From beanies and caps to sun hats and fedoras, the biker jacket is simply versatile and will almost match with anything that you decide to wear for the day.

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