How to walk in heels all day without pain

Heels look great and certainly give an outfit a completely different look. But, they also hurt a lot even if they make you look sexy, stunning and chic. The good news is there are hacks that can make you withstand the pain allowing you to wear heels all day without pain.

Tips to last in heels the whole day

We all have been there - standing in heels for less than 5 minutes and already wincing in pain. Now you can have glamour and chic wearing heels without the pain by following these simple tricks.

  • Break in your shoe
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    Do not attempt to wear you heels the entire day when you just bought them. Break them in first before daring to put them on at a party or in the office. Carry a spare pair of flats so that you can walk without the pain.

  • Buy comfortable shoes
  • It is really a sensible advice. If your feet are not comfortable in that pair of heels you are eyeing at the store, then do not waste money on it. Try other pairs that actually feel good on your feet.

  • Tape your toes
  • Yes, taping your 3rd and 4th toes together will actually take off the pressure on you feet's balls. So, go ahead and try this trick.

  • Use ball pads
  • Standing in heels all day long is not comfortable at all. You can, however, reduce the pressure on the balls by using pads.

  • Check out those heels
  • Heels that slip and slide are not only annoying, but also dangerous and difficult to walk in. Make sure the tips of your heels are fitted with non-skid and sturdy rubber.

    Other useful hacks

    Another tip when wearing heels is by applying friction block products on your feet before slipping into your heels. It will protect your feet from blisters and make wearing heels bearable with no pain. You can also stretch out your shoes using ice or a blow dryer.

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