How to tie scarves

The air starts to get nippy and you probably would like to start wearing a lovely scarf. But often, it takes a bit of time to tie that pretty scarf around your neck. We show you how to tie scarves easily so you can wear your accessory in many different ways and create a totally different look.

Loops, knots and many more

Scarves are very versatile. They can dress up the barest of outfits. Furthermore, you can use them to protect yourself against the elements by tying them around your necks for extra warmth.

Here is a short guide how to tie scarves:

  • European knot

The most popular way to tie your scarf is a la European style. Take the scarf with your middle finger. Drape it around your neck. Take both ends with one hand and slide it through a hole. Tug it down till you have a snug fit around your neck.

  • Twist and loop

Tie the scarf once around your neck or twist it several times before looping it around your neck.

  • Headgear

You can also use your pretty scarf both for head and neck protection. Tie it around the head as a headband which is knotted off at the centre.

  • Sash style

Let your foulard dangle like a piece of elegant sash hanging around your neck.

  • Bracelet

Wear a scarf as a bracelet by twisting it around your arm. Of course, this won’t work if you have a long foulard.

  • Multiple loops

Bundle it around the neck in loops before tying it. You can also buy one that you can just hang over your neck without making a knot. You can also loop it around your neck 2-3 times and then tuck both ends under. Use your scarf as a shawl or loop it twice and then flip the ends at the back.

Other ways to wear them

For versatile ways to spice up your outfits and also keep you warm, learn how to tie scarves. You can also experiment with other ways to wear them such as on your bag, shoes and dress apart from using scarves as traditional headgear and neck accessories. It is also great to use a scarf as a belt.

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