How to throw a £10 million party like Ralph Lauren

It came to our attention today that for his 40th anniversary, Ralph Lauren put on a £10m bash that would have given Elton John a run for his money. So, in case you're planning a party of gargantuan proportions in Hyde Park, we thought we'd show you how it's done. First check out the photo gallery to get a feel for the night, then consult our 10 step guide to the particulars below:

1) Get 150 hand picked waiters that look like models.
2) No bash would be complete without 700 bottles of top bubbly on hand.
3) Build your own venue - if you can't find any chandeliers you like, just buy 9000 crystals and build 12 of your own.
4) Get the best food money can buy. Don't use a celebrity chef it's sooo 2006.
5) Make an entrance. A 1000 yard entrance to be precise, constructed with hurricane lamps, pink hydrangeas and sheer georgette drapes.
6) When guests arrive after their walk up your entrance, greet them with a paparazzi style flock of photographers to make them feel special.
7) Get a good guest list. No point aiming for Hollyoaks actors and old Eastenders. Go for the big guns. You need the likes of Robert de Niro, Dustin Hoffman, Sarah Jessica Parker, Anna Wintour and Matthew Broderick.
8) Hold a catwalk show.
9) Make sure other designers are present - Donna Karan and Vera Wang must be on the list.
10) A crack team of event organisers on hand. Calculate 1 organiser per 10 guests and make sure they've worked for the secret service before employing.

That's about it. Let us know how you get on. We're surprised StyledLife didn't get an invite - maybe next time Ralph? Anyway, here's some footage of the bash courtesy of YouTube:

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