How to shop for snowboarding clothing

Shopping for snowboarding clothing is best done one layer at a time. Your first layer is mainly composed of your underwear, a thermal body shirt and your snowboarding socks. All these must keep your body temperature sufficiently high, but feel comfy and nice at the same time.

The second layer consists mainly of the first sub-layer of your outwear, namely your sweater or fleece jacket, thermal pants or snowboarding pants and, lastly, secure your snowboard boots with snowboard bindings.

Hopefully, at this stage you do not feel too bulky to move properly. Too much restriction on your movement can increase your risk when snowboarding. The last layer of your outfit consists of the proper headgear (helmet preferably), your snowboarding goggles, jacket and gloves.


Two Seasons is considered by many as one of the most established sportswear shops that specialises in outfits and accessories for surfing, skating and snow activities. It has been in business for over 30 years now and still going strong.

The nice thing about this site is its many available user reviews and which can help clueless buyers have a better and more practical, as well as fashionable idea on what best to wear for snowboarding. For each section, the company also recommends the most popular brands. The store recommends, for instance, brands like Roxy and Burton for bindings. One such item available is the Lexa EST snowboard bindings from Burton, priced at £179.95.


Always check out its Clearance section for the best finds on snowboarding clothing. A Bonfire women’s safari jacket, for example, sells now for just £91.91 when its original price was £183.82.

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