How to shop for skiing outfits

Skiing outfits always begin with thermal underclothing or underwear. These garments may not be seen, but they are the most important part of your outfit. Skip wearing them and the rest of what you are wearing will never be able to keep you warm enough. When choosing thermal underwear, make sure that their texture feels just right next to your skin. You have to stay warm and comfortable at the same time.

Once you have chosen your thermal underwear, have them on when you start testing out the next layers of your outfit. Outer layers vary depending on need and design.There are undershirts and outer shirts, as well as a variety of jackets and sweaters that you can put on.

To complete your skiing outfit, make sure you also have on the proper footwear and headgear. Do not forget goggles, gloves and socks.


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Established in the early 1980s, Two Seasons has long proven itself as one of the best places to shop for skiing outfits and other types of winter wear, as well as outfits for skating and surfing. Even your smallest needs are taken care of. Check out its DaKine wrist guard, for instance, which is available at just £15.

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