How to not look like a loon

If there's one conundrum that has plagued us this spring, it's this: how on earth do we wear this season's pantaloons without looking like we're either fans of the Levellers, or charity mugging? The answer is, to shamelessly steal from Tony Blair - 'we're at our best when we're at our boldest'. He may have been speaking about political reform, but we know that deep down, he meant it as sartorial advice.

Vogue tells us, 'Babe Paley entertaining poolside at Squam Lake is the summer vision to aspire to. Match your trousers with a simple vest, a man's silk pyjama top or a white YSL rive gauche Le Smoking.'

From a cursory glance at the lazy hack's friend - Wikipedia, we have learnt that Babe Paley was an American socialite, and a rather pointless sounding one at that. So take our advice, and instead channel Kerry Katona, lounging by the duck pond in her new Sussex retreat. If pantaloons stand for anything, it's accessibility...

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