How to make skinny legs look fuller

Lots of people tell you how lucky you are to have slim legs, but there's nothing you can do: you just think they're too skinny! Stop worrying about your legs looking like toothpicks and follow these simple tips to make them look bigger, fuller and more sensual.

    Nina Matthews Photography @Flickr

As a general rule, avoid anything skin tight and opt for tights, leggings or pants that can add some bulk. For instance, choose thick, wool or cotton tights, thick leggings and trousers with pockets, that generally add volume. Best trousers for skinny legs are really the classic boot cut, not too tight and giving the impression of more volume, while anything to tight or too baggy would just highlight the leg's slimness.

However, there's a great way of making tights and leggings work for you, and it's all down to optics and vision. First of all, light colours: anything from white and pastel shades to pale brown and grey, and all the bright colours that you fancy, will instantly make your legs look wider and thicker. You can't go wrong, they literally highlight the area they cover, thus making it look bigger than if in a darker shade.

Another trick up your sleeve: patterns! Just like pale colours, prints and patterns tend to make the area they cover appear bigger. Choose patterns that suit your style, again better if in light colours. Horizontal stripes are particularly good because they double the optical effect, but beware: vertical stripes, on the other hand, appear to elongate the part of the body they cover – thus making it look slimmer! Definitely not what you need.

For what concerns skirts, you can really make the best out of your legs by wearing mid thigh and mini skirts. Simply match them with mid calf, knee high or thigh high boot, or why not try high tops and leg warmers? They will all add volume to the lower half of the legs, generally the thinnest, while making you feel trendy and sexy.

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