How to make old boots look like new

It's all too familiar. You love those boots. They are comfy and look great with nearly everything in your wardrobe. Here is how to m

ake old boots look like new

in a few simple steps.

Tips in getting your boots look like new

You don't have to throw you favourite boots away just because they look old. In fact, it is possible to make them sparkling and clean in a few steps.

What you would need:

  • A pair of gloves
  • Chiffon cloth or rags
  • Leather conditioner
  • Leather cleaner
  • Soft brush
  • Directions:

    1. Put on gloves if you don't want to mess your hands. You might even want to wear old shirts, just in case you get some of those products on your clothes.

    2. Wet one of the cloth rags you have and wipe your boots to get rid of dirt that might be attached to it.

    3. Use a leather cleaner to make sure that you got all the dust and grime off your shoes.

    4. Wait that it has dried out. Afterwards, using a chiffon cloth, apply leather conditioner on your shoes.

    5. Put on a coat of shoe polish.

    6. Let it dry for a few minutes to make sure it sticks on the shoes.

    7. Apply a second coating of shoe polish or wax.

    8. Use a shoe brush to shine the boots.

    9. Buff until the boots shine.

    As with all products, make sure that you test the shoe products on a safe spot before actually using them. You don't want to ruin a perfectly great pair of boots just because you did not follow directions.

    Make those shoes look new again

    It's all easy when you know how to make old boots look like new. True, they might never look like they just came out of the store, but you will certainly manage to your boots look clean and nice.

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