How to look slim in jeans

Jeans are fun to wear because you can easily pair them with shirts and tops for an informal look or jazz them up with a shimmery blouse for a semi-formal look. Of course, looking slim in your denim is a challenge if you are a bit on the heavy side.


Getting into that pair of jeans might be a difficult task if you are a bit chunky, but would like to look great and above all, slim in them. Here are easy things you can do to achieve this silhouette.

  • Get yourself different kinds of shape wear
  • Believe it or not, shape wear can make you look slim whether you are wearing a slinky dress or a long gown. There are different styles and designs available for various needs. But, to look at your thinnest form, pick a seamless shape wear such as briefs or boy shorts.

  • Buy a longer length of jeans
  • Hemlines are important if you want to give the impression of being tall and thin. Your jeans should hit your ankles or even several centimetres longer than this. This way, you will look tall and slim in your jeans.

  • Go for dark colours
  • It is no secret that dark colours often have a slimming effect on the wearer whether you are donning on a pair of jeans or just a shirt. Black and dark navy blue denim jeans are the best colours to look slim.

  • Wear heels to flatter your silhouette
  • Step into heels that are at least 2 inches high when you wear your jeans. The extra height will give the impression that you are thinner and of course taller, because it elongates the body. Choose pointed toe shoes, slim heels and low-vamp cut footwear to achieve this effect.

    Other things to consider

    When buying jeans, do consider high-waisted ones. If worn properly, you will project the illusion of being slim. At the end of the day, the best pair of jeans that will make you look thin is a dark, high-waist slim fitting stretch jeans.

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