How to know if a designer handbag is authentic

So you have been saving money so that you can get that handbag you have been eyeing for a long time. The problem is you also don't want to spend all that cash on something that is not genuine. We explain some tips how to spot the differences between a fake and a real handbag so that the next time you go shopping, you will be able to test its authenticity..


Telling the difference between a genuine handbag and a fake can become a tricky process. With the proliferation of copycats out there, unsuspecting customers can be lured to part with their hard-earned cash and later on find out it is a fake. Here is how to do avoid the trap:

  • Do not buy on the streets or open markets
  • Upscale brands of hand bags are sold in large department stores, exclusive boutiques or their own houses. It is highly improbable that you will find a real Chanel bag on the side streets or the flea market. Therefore, make sure that you get your luxurious handbags and purses from authorised resellers or the brand's stores.

  • Check for the logo and detailing
  • Pay attention to the detail. A real handbag will even have serial numbers. Check the way the logo is stitched or attached to the purse. Spelling errors? That is a sure dead giveaway that the piece you are holding is not real. Look also at the detailing from the handles to the pockets.

  • Verify the material
  • If you have the real thing, you will be able to tell from the material as well if the bag you paid so much money for is genuine or not. Real leather feels different from imitation leather and you should be able to tell this. In the same manner, canvas will not be the same as an imitation fabric.

    Get a certificate of authenticity

    A real designer bag will carry with it a certificate of authenticity. The sales associate should be able to tell you as well if the designer brand gives out the certificate or not. Make sure to ask questions including returns policy before parting with your cash.

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