How to get dressed for a first date

Selecting an outfit for a first date can be tricky. This is because how we dress on a first date is as important as it, and maybe it's our only chance to present ourselves in the best light, and it is true that how we dress says a lot about our personality.

However, it is also true that what we wear determine the type of person that we're going to attract. All in all, it is better to stick with your usual style, those outfits that make you feel awesome, rather than rushing to try something that he may like. So don't wear stilettos if you never do, you will not feel confident in them. Also, they may attract the wrong kind of guy for you!

Let's take for granted that we all aim at looking at our best, which means well coordinated, pulled together and chic, even if we go for a casual look. Generally, let your common sense prevail, but let's take a look at some of the main dos and don'ts:

Avoid anything too revealing. For instance, If you are wearing leggings, avoid a tight or top crop – or both! Or if you go for a mini skirt, avoid a very low cut top.

Avoid brand new clothes: something never worn before may be subject to a wardrobe malfunction, such as seams coming loose or buttons falling off, which could make you feel uncomfortable.

On the other hand, outfits you have already tried out and make you feel and look gorgeous are the best choice for a first date.

Also, say yes to colours! Anything that is flattering on you and well coordinated is a must. If you just can't help choosing an all black outfit, at least make sure you revive it with some colourful accessories, such a bright and fun hand bag and a coordinated pendant, adding to it, why not!, a similar colour of nail vanish.


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