Top tips on how to choose the right lingerie for your body shape

The secret to choosing the right lingerie for your body shape is picking lingerie you are comfortable in and that fits you well. It does not matter if you are hour glass or pear shaped, with lingerie the real power is the sexiness and confidence you exude.

The number one rule for choosing lingerie is to focus on your best assets while, of course, hiding the areas that kill your confidence. The real foundation for choosing lingerie, however, is picking what makes your inner sexiness and confidence shine.

Here are a few tips on how to choose the right lingerie for your body shape to flaunt your best features.


If you have a nice, round butt, try boy short combinations. You can try boy shorts and corset combination, boy shorts and bra combination or any other sexy boy shorts combo that appeal to you. There is arguably nothing that accentuates that perfect butt better than these male inspired undergarments. You can spice things up further by putting on heels and smoothing on some leg shine oil for the ultimate come get me look.


If you have a big bust and are looking to show it off a little, try demi-cut bras or a corset. If you are big busted with a small waist, corsets are a good choice because they are easy to customise so you bring the best out of your shape. If, however, you want a bit of support, steer toward bra and panty sets that have underwires. These are comfortable and will bring out the sexy look you're after.


If you have nice, long legs, think slips that are slit high up the thigh and high heels. High cut slips and heels tend to make legs look leaner, longer, more toned and beautiful. Spice thing a little more with a garter belt and don’t forget to smoothen those legs with baby oil, lotion or shimmer for that extra shine.


If you feel like showing off some cleavage, there is aruably no better way to do it than with scented corsets that smell nice, fresh and sexy! Experiment with different colours, depending on your skin tone. For example, you can try black, if you are fair skinned and white, if you are more tanned.

However, if you would rather not parade around, think modest slips and teddies that are still super flirty. Corsets with boy short combos are also sexy, somewhat modest and great for hiding a tummy. Remember, you only need to draw attention to assets you want attention on. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing a particular piece, then don’t wear it. Your man will always think you look fabulous and sexy when you pick what makes your inner confidence and sexiness shine.

Go ahead, then. Find that sexy lingerie that fits you well and makes your inner confidence and sexiness shine through. That is the right lingerie for your body shape!

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