How to choose the best ski gloves for children

When shopping for ski gloves for children, parents should always keep their age in mind. Kids will tend to be too busy playing with snow and enjoying other winter activities to take notice when their gloves or mittens are getting loose. They will only remember to complain about it when they are just a sneeze away from hypothermia.

What to Look for in Kids’ Ski Gloves

First of all, look for ski gloves that have drawstrings or elastic cuffs. These will ensure that the gloves remain nice and snug at all times, keeping your kids’ hands warm no matter how much snow they dig out.

Always look for waterproof protection as well. Snow that stays too long on one’s hands will end up wetting gloves that are not waterproof. This will consequently lead to wet and cold hands, and, eventually, a bout of colds or perhaps fever as well.

Lastly, see if you can find ski gloves with an extra layer of mitten or inner gloves. In the cold of winter, there is no such a thing as being too warm.


This is one of the few websites that are exclusively devoted to winter wear for kids. Under its gloves section, you can purchase mittens as well as glove glue and warmers. Check out its Last Chance to Buy section, which includes last-minute sales like the ski gloves for 12-year-old kids and up from Bart’s Tech and priced at just £16.99.


This website particularly recommends SnowStoppers Mittens for those looking for ski gloves for children. They are available at just £13.99 for infants and £14.99 for older kids.

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