How to choose a tie for a striped shirt

Men’s striped shirts are never completely out of fashion, and they have recently earned back their place in the spotlight. And with the ongoing trendy approach of mix-and-match, combining striped shirts with colourful and patterned ties can be a fun challenge. Take a look at our easy guide on how to choose a tie for a striped shirt.

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First and easiest option when looking for the right tie for your striped shirt is to go for solid colours. First step is to establish what is the dominant colour of the striped shirt, then choose a coordinated colour for the tie, which means either the same colour in a different shade or a complementary hue. For instance, if the main colour of your striped shirt is blue, a deeper or lighter blue tie will work well, but even better would be a golden yellow one.

If you want to try and match a striped tie with your stripe shirt, instead, the first rule is to consider is that the stripes should be of different sizes. Additionally, they should run in opposite direction. So, for instance, consider the scale of the stripes on your shirt and choose a tie with stripes of a different scale: the result should be a thick-striped tie on as thin-striped shirt, or viceversa, with stripes on each running in different directions. Colours, of course, should be coordinated.

And coordinated colours are also the first step when trying to match a patterned tie with a striped shirt: choose a tie with a pattern containing the right balance of colour coordination, for instance the dominant colour of the tie being complementary to the dominant colour of your striped shirt. Also, look for the scale and direction of the patterns on the tie. So, for instance, if you were to match a plaid tie with a striped shirt, make sure that the dominant colours are well coordinated, than that the plaid pattern is much wider or much thinner than the stripes, possibly running in different directions.

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