How to buy children's shoes

In a way, you must exercise more care when you are buying children's shoes than if you are buying shoes for yourself. Here is why:

  • The child may not inform you about possible discomfort
  • The feet grow rapidly
  • The child may still be learning to walk, run, etc.

Comfort comes first

Let this be your top priority when you buy shoes for your child. But how do you determine if the shoes are comfortable for your child? Here is how:

  • Get the right fit
  • Check the material it is made of

Get the right fit

This is important; get this wrong and the rest don't matter. The right fit for a growing child's feet means that the shoes should just be a little bigger than the actual size of the feet. Make it too big and it may hamper the child's walking, which is certainly isn't good for her development. If she is going to wear socks, particularly thick ones, try on the shoes with them.

What are the shoes made of?

You may want to avoid shoe soles that are thin and hard at the same time. Flexible shoe soles are always more preferable than hard and inflexible ones. Padding for the soles of the child's feet is great for comfort. Look out the shoes don't chaff or cause friction to the feet in any way.

Allow for proper walking development

Try to buy the child shoes that encourage proper development of her walking. The younger she is, the more appropriate shoes she need.

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