How often you should change your pyjamas

According to surveys and polls, men were found to wear their pyjamas for 13 days in a row whilst women for a straight 17 days. But if this is the case, then hygiene experts are completely mortified as it raises the question of germs and bacteria that can be transmitted between clothing and people. We tell you when you should change your pyjamas and nighties.

Why change pyjamas?

There are many reasons why men and women would keep the same pyjamas for days or weeks in a row. For men, since they do not do the washing, then they just grab whatever is available. In addition, they also say they do not really have a lot of choices when it comes to their sleepwear. They have a limited quantity of pyjamas so they cannot afford to change so often. Partners also do not say something about what they are wearing so they think it is okay to wear them as long as they can. Since their sleepwear does not smell at all (or so they think), they do not believe they need to be changed.

Women might have different reasons for holding on to their jammies. According to surveys, women say they alternate between their pyjamas so they cannot actually tell how long they have been using a pair. Another reason given is that women forget to change their sleepwear because they are too busy with their lives. Since these pyjamas are not worn long enough (just a couple of hours), they do not feel they need changing so often.

The bad news is hygiene experts believe this is an unhealthy practice because of the following reasons:
  • Germs and other microorganisms can breed in the pyjamas.
  • You risk getting infections and all sorts of bacteria.
  • Other people can also be infected with the bacteria and germs you have in your pyjamas.
  • The longer you wear your pyjamas, the harder it is to remove the build-up of bacteria and germs.
  • When to change your pyjamas

    Hence, for mainly hygiene purposes, pyjamas should be changed at least once a week. Anything longer than this will attract the appearance of germs and bacteria. Having several sets of sleepwear can help you change your pyjamas on a regular basis without using the excuse that you don't want them washed because you have nothing else or it is your favourite pari.

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