How does thermal underwear work?

Layering is one of the ways you can beat the winter cold by bundling up. In addition, you can also wear thermal underwear to keep body heat in and go through the cold feeling fuzzy. We tell you why thermal underwear is a good choice and an essential item for the cold.

How thermal underwear works

There are many types of thermal underwear, but the way they provide insulation varies to a certain degree. If you are wondering how to it works, here is how:

  • Material
  • Thermal underwear is made from different fabrics. But, the best material is wool that will keep body heat trapped in. In other cases, the fabric used is a combination of merino wool and polyster great at wicking away moisture retaining heat. Acrylic is also a good fabric that can be used in conjunction with other materials such as wool and polyester for an insulating thermal underwear.

  • Cut and style
  • Lightweight fabrics make the best thermal underwear. You can travel light packing the right thermal underwear keeping you warm and toasty. Obviously, wearing long sleeves and thermal leggings will also keep the heat in eliminating the need to wear extra layers of clothing which are heavy and confining.

  • The real work of thermal underwear
  • To understand how thermal underwear actually works, it is important to know that it does not only retain the heat in the body. It also prevents evaporative cooling from taking place. That means sweat is drawn away or moisture is wicked from your body fighting heat loss.

    Brands to consider

    If you are in the market for a brand new thermal underwear, shopping for it can become an overwhelming process. You will be confronted with several choices. Thermal underwear on sale differs in prices, styles and materials. Brands such as Burton, Terramar, Ibex, Polarmax and Merino33 are some names you can look at.

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