How Clean is Lindsay's House?

Shirts, dresses and lingerie are strewn across the room and shoes are piled so high that access is impossible: it's a scene that would have Kim and Aggie rubbing their hands in anticipation. Or, if this was a Blighty council flat, would have the trusty environmental health officers from a 'Life of Grime' dispatched in a jiffy (cloth). But this is Hollywood. Welcome to the world of Lindsay Lohan; 23 year old (former) actress and now self confessed clothes hoarder.

In footage from a soon to be aired interview with US show 'The Insider', Lindsay discusses the problem in her usual articulate way: 'It's kind of a sore subject, I just need to get rid of stuff, that's personal stuff that I have to, you know, work on.'

Watch the trailer here, and marvel at the mess... And if that wasn't enough, next week's show reveals Lindsey's further exploits, selling herself (sorry, 'acting as an escort') to Austrian billionaire Richard Lugner at the Vienna Opera ball.

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