House of Holland Launches New Range

King of the slogan T shirt Henry Holland has teamed up with London fashion mecca Browns Focus to create a new capsule collection based on his autumn/winter 2010 range, Vogue.com reveals. Style-crusaders can choose from garments including hoodies, vests and maxi dresses, all emblazoned with giant acronyms such as N.A.L.G.O. (Not A Lot Going On) and C.T.F.O. (Chill The F**K Out).

Henry explained the collection to Vogue, saying ‘the collaboration came about after a conversation with Jemma the then buyer of Browns Focus and we just decided to give a twist to our autumn/winter acronym pieces by applying them to some different shapes. We wanted to keep the casual element and just make something a little personal for the Browns Focus customer.’

If you fancy a bit of T.I.C.H.O.H.S. (that's Tongue in Cheek House of Holland Style, of course) then head to www.brownsfashion.com where the new collection is now available to buy.

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