Holly Fulton 2014 Spring and Summer collection

With the New York Fashion week being finally put to bed, new 2014 Spring and Summer fashion collections are coming strong from London’s Fashion Week, that runs from September 13th to the 17th.

Scottish designed Holly Fulton got inspiration for her Spring and Summer 2014 collection from the Seventies to which she added her signature graphic prints, luxurious materials and glitzy accessories.

The models featured big side swept hairstyles and colored sunglasses, with ‘70s Australian singer Noosha Fox (Susan Traynor) music playing in the background.

Opening the show was the ever popular denim, but with a twist, as mid-calf flared and beautifully printed denim skirts with matching cropped jackets showed up for daywear, along with a long silhouetted pinafore styled dress worn over a lighter colored organza shirt.

Silky belted shirt dresses, pyjama-look tops and bottoms with matching robe in orange, pink and red tones with and Oriental goldfish pattern, while another pyjama style outfit was slightly more serious in tones of light dove gray.

Maxi skirts and flared dresses with cut outs found their way on the runway as did silk trench coats and wide flared pants.

The collection also included a dress with glistening gold overtones, a laser cut skirt, a top and a cut out bomber jacket, even a hat that was made from textured and worked cork material, while one particular knee-length, now you see it, now you don’t see-through dress that was made up of hundreds of cork circles linked together with crystals.

The lengths ranged from knee to floor length, and the prints ranged from flowers, fish and storks , while the color palette included lilac, powder pink, chambray, purple, red, tangerine, neon, grey and black that was seen on a pleated skirt.

The collars, hems, tops, jackets and fan shaped matching clutches were often embellished.

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