Holiday season wardrobe essentials you should have

The festive season is always that time of the year to party and celebrate. Along with these traditions are holiday season wardrobe essentials you should have in your closets to get in the mood and swing of things. Here are a few of the season’s highlights and developing trends for a great look.

Festive picks

We came up with this list to give you ideas of holiday season wardrobe essentials:

  • Brocade dress, skirts, and trousers

The holiday season is a festive one and nothing typifies it better than brocade does. Richly decorated patterns in hues of gold, silver, and red make a stunning effect whether you're wearing trousers, short skirts, or dresses.

  • Peplum is in and so is lace

Peplum, that short pleated skirt or tunic attached to a dress is making a comeback this season and you find them in lots of party and cocktail dresses. Laces are traditional, yet elegant and sophisticated. Revealing or plunging necklines cleverly embellished in enchanting lace make a striking outfit for parties and cool soirees.

  • Metallic clothes and accents

Who could forget Versace's spring show featuring gorgeous men in metallic and gladiator clothes? You can never go wrong with metallic accents, a trend that continues to gather storm in the fashion world. Shape up and get into those fab dresses with metallic accents. From glittering shoes to metallic bags, crisp and brassy outfits can give a polished and dazzling look.

  • Velvet clothes

Velvet has a royal connotation an association made for queens and kings or those from the nobility. What could be more fitting than getting in a soft, luxurious velvet dress in rich colours of burgundy, green or gold for the holiday season?

  • Vintage and classic jewellery

From ornate to simple pieces of pearls, diamonds, and rhinestones, these pieces of jewellery will stand out in any gathering with their simplicity or outlandishness.

Extra hints

Having a few of the things on the list of holiday season wardrobe essentials will make you look splendid and fabulous. Don't forget the traditional colours of the season such as gold, silver, green, red, white, and black. Again, these are great shades that you can check against your colour circles to make sure you have an outstanding combination. These outfits and accessories pack a mean punch, enough to make your friends stand dead in their tracks.

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