Holiday 2012 Chuck Taylor All Star Collection

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Converse has launched its fabulous Holiday 2012 Chuck Taylor All Star Footwear Collection, which introduces new textures and new winter fabrics for the Holiday season and customisable options for the most creative customers.

One of the most recognisable sneaker in the world, the Chuck Taylor All Star is been a favourite for years, thanks its versatility and colourful collection. Its only fault: being made of cotton, not a great material to wear when the harsh winter weather approaches and torrential rain starts pouring down. This year Converse has carefully thought about this problem and has launched its first boots collection for men and women.

Chuck Taylor All Star Boot Collection is a breath of fresh air, a twist from the classic winter footwear, it's fun, youthful and made of high-resistant materials. The boot looks like a toughen-up version of the classic sneaker with its unique trademark design, but employs water-resistant leather and suede for the uppers and rugged out-soles. The women collection adds a feminine touch to the classic workwear boot, with thick laces, larger eyelets and soft-touch materials.

There's also a new Limited Edition Chuck Taylor Gorillaz Collection, designed by legendary graphic artist Jamie Hewlett, the mind and hand behind virtual band Gorillaz' uber-cool artwork. The collection comprise of new high and low, canvas or leather sneakers, featuring new characters, new colours and styles. Even the sole has received one of Hewlett's freakish graphics.

A very popular choice for the festive season, which also makes the perfect Christmas present, is Customize a Converse Sneaker, available through the Converse official website only at www.converse.co.uk The online tool allows the customer to pick the favourite model and personalise it with endless combinations of colours, prints and designs. It all starts with three options to choose from: Design your own, Design your own DC Comics Sneaker and Design your own Premium Sneaker.

Once you picked your style, the online tool presents you with a choice of canvas or leather sneakers, once you click on your fave product you can start customising it. There are up to seventeen steps to follow to make your shoes unique and you can personalise every single layer and detail: from the outside body, the tongue to the toe bumper and even the eyelet. Once you completed your very own design, you can also add your signature or name.

The tool is so amazing and so very easy to use that you might be carried away, but remember if you want your very special pair of Chuck Taylor to be delivered in time for Christmas, you need to hurry as you've got time until the 3rd of December to submit your order!

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