Hogan designs ooze sophistication and cool

If you are looking for garments and footwear that project an image of elegance, look no further than Italian designer Hogan. Starting in the 1980s, the Hogan look originated with highly skilled design techniques. The quality products produced quickly gained an excellent reputation for their unique style. These were clearly clothes that would make the wearer stand out from the crowd.

Hogan fashion: unashamedly luxurious

From the outset, Hogan designs have been targeted at a certain strand of individual. Wearing this attire is intended to project a clear message of sophistication. With such well-designed suits, jackets, dresses and shoes, the expression that is often bandied about the catwalks about Hogan products is that they exemplify a ‘new luxury’ type of lifestyle. To be seen wearing Hogan is to be associated with the trappings of a comfortable existence.

The products are excellent, innovative and practical. Hogan is particularly renowned for its extensive ranges of footwear. Their first sneaker was called, simply but evocatively, ‘Traditional’. Somehow its classic design was far too cool and tailor made to be referred to as a training shoe!

Over subsequent years the Hogan brand has grown to become associated with items that are of superior quality. Since 2000 Hogan has expanded into hand-crafted accessories, with various leather goods appearing on the designer shelves.

To stroll inside Hogan’s flagship store in Milan, Italy, is to browse inside a fabulous display inside a beautiful historic building.The stunning backdrop of chandeliers, stone arches and mahogany furniture complements the clothes ranges perfectly. You can get a sense of the luxurious Hogan style by consulting their online stores.

Additional Hogan ranges

Over the years, Hogan have consistently pushed the boundaries of the items they present to their customers. In 2008 they launched their first ready to wear collection exclusively for women. The following year a range of 16 styles of sunglasses was launched.

Wear Hogan for an understated image

The problem with a lot of designer wear is that it is deliberately showy. But just because materials have been crafted with a great attention to detail is no reason why it should be 'gaudy' or too 'in your face'. Hogan products aim to project the opposite image, being luxurious but understated.

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