Hobo bags and the modern woman

Hobo bags used to be the symbolic bag of the hippie or bohemian lifestyle. But times have changed and these slouchy moon shaped bags have come a long way. They have become as stylish and trendy as any other purse and their versatility makes them perfect for every type of woman. When choosing a hobo bag for yourself, you need to consider where you will be using it and what style suits you best.

Finding your inner hobo

As every woman has her own style and taste, every type of hobo bag today has their own unique personality also. They come in a variety of sizes, colours, and materials that can go to the office, to the beach, or off to the club.

A size that fits

Hobo bags come in a large selection of sizes today, but are easily recognisable by their slouchy appearance and moon shaped bases. If it does not seem to “fold” into itself at the top, then it is not a true hobo bag.

When looking at bag sizes, consider where you will be using it. A large bulky bag is not appropriate for the office or formal events. But the smaller versions with short handles go perfectly with conservative suits and fancy dresses.

The modern strap

Traditionally, hobo bags have a long shoulder strap. However, designers have taken advantage of being creative with straps, making them shorter and trendier. They can now be handheld comfortably or have a midsized strap to fit the hand or the shoulder.

Strap lengths follow no rules. The long and short of straps in the designer industry is to go with what looks good and feels right. Some straps are adjustable, so if you like the option of handheld as well as shoulder carrying, an adjustable strap would be a perfect fit.

Material doesn’t matter

The only rule with material is that it has to be supple enough to bend and move with the bag to give it that slouchy appearance. This means you can find the perfect soft leather hobo bag for daywear, a trendy designed mixed-material bag for the nights, and a heavy cloth one for the beach.

The perfect fit

Hobo bags are perfect for the modern woman. They are large enough to fit everything needed on a daily basis and look stylish enough to use everywhere. The best part about today’s hobo bags are the choices. Leather, cloth, suede, or even snakeskin is popular choices that look good, feel good, and make life just a bit more fashionable.

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