H&M launches Cavalli's new range for Christmas

Scores of animal print fans queued up yesterday to bag the first items on sale at H&M designed by the master of cheetah print himself, Roberto Cavalli.

The latest in an ever growing trend for celebrity designed clothing on our high street, the Cavalli collection features 20 items for men and 25 women's items, including underwear and accessories.

H&M was one of the first high street stores to introduce clothing ranges designed by top names: Karl Lagerfeld came first in 2004, followed by Stella McCartney and Viktor and Rolf. All the these ranges have been relatively successful. Much more so than the celebrity endorsed collections that have a tendency to flop.

Madonna's collection for H&M was, putting it kindly, a wash out (acrylic tracksuits all round).

Roberto Cavalli's silver screen glamour appeal and shameless love of the animal print should put him in a strong position for the Christmas party season. If you want to see a few snap shots from his Spring-Summer 2008 collection, take a look here. The advert for his H&M collection - launched yesterday - is also proving a hit. It contains the classic line from Cavalli himself "how can I be missing the party? I AM the party". Priceless. Here's the ad:

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