H&M launches & Other Stories

The fashion grapevine is rife with rumours; retail giant H&M has a new project in the pipeline. Everyone is wondering what to expect when H&M launches and Other Stories. The Swedish company confirmed that the new stores are called, & Other Stories. These shops are going to open in 2013.

Riding high on its success from recent tandems with high street fashion designers such as Lanvin, Versace, and more recently, Marni, the Scandinavian retailer continues to expand its market presence. One thing is sure though; the top brass at H&M are confident of the success of their upcoming endeavour, continuing their winning streak due to collaborations with renowned designers in the past.

Indeed, H&M Press Officer, Hacan Andersson confirmed in an interview with Relaxnews last April 2012 saying, “"It is correct that H&M will launch a new chain in 2013 called & Other Stories, but this is all the available information we have as of today.”

Already the retailer is enjoying the success of COS stores which has branches in the UK, France, Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden, and other European countries selling premium, luxury clothes for men and women.

With all the secrecy and silence, we excitedly keep our ears and eyes open when & Other Things stores open their doors. Will the newest venture of the company become a hit? Time will tell as we eagerly await announcements on the new chain of stores. Hopefully, it will be a whole lot of exciting and delightful stuff for fashion buffs and trend setters.

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