Gorgeous H&M beachwear for summer 2012

The Swedish headquartered retailer has scored again with the new H&M beachwear for summer 2012. Immerse yourself in an array of colours and bold styles popular with the season. Stunning bandeaus, swimsuits, and bikini sets feature the 'Beach Collection' of H&M.

Top Brazilian model, Isabeli Fontana, headed the beachwear collection campaign showing off alluring one-piece swimsuits and eye-popping bikini sets that can be mixed and matched. The 28-year old model made quite a stir with those photo shoots showing off a lean and so tanned body in dazzling H&M swimwear.

Take the fully lined one-piece swimsuit in floral print with detachable straps and a padded cup. Or the bright red bikini set selling for £24.99. The unpadded top features adjustable straps while the bottom is embellished with ruffles for a cute and playful look. There’s also a gorgeous bikini top for £9.99 in a print pattern. Tied at the neck, it has a ‘silicone trim at the top’. Strapless tops are also available in a delightful array of vibrant colours from pinks and blacks to blues and greens. Bikini halter tops and bottoms sell for an easy £3.99 while floral print swimsuits for £29.99.

Exotic colours dominate the print swimsuits and bikini sets and they are all eye-catching and attractive. Mix and match bikini sets with any top and bottom. The possibilities are endless. And if these are not enough, there are also matching print kimonos in flowing chiffon, loose sleeves and a tie waist for that airy and comfortable feeling while lounging or to keep you warm when you get out of the water. The best part is, these are selling at reasonable prices making them great buys. For a truly inspiring wear at the beach or on a summer vacation, have a look at the full collection.

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