H&M autumn / winter

Lately, when the talk turns to H&M there are two words on everyone's lips: Jimmy and Choo. But the Autumn/Winter collection from the low budget fashion behemouth should not trail in Choos' considerable wake. Canadian model Jessica Stam is sizzling in this year's wintry range.

Delicious new looks are both casual and sensual. The versatile styles can be dressed down during the day and up at night. From a sexy wool minidress in warm violet teamed with stripey tights and a French berets, to jean jackets matched with cowgirl hats, the look is eclectic and bang on trend.

For diehard romantic fans, the a/w collection showcases white net mini skirts teamed with black tops and wide belts that are a nod to Fendi's a/w collection. Disco divas will love the glittery mini skirts which Jessica Stam teams with a shiny padded coat in her lookbook.

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